Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Karim Kai Ani is a  former middle school teacher  and  founder ofMathalicious. This post appeared in Valerie Strauss’s  “Answer Sheet” in the Washington Post on July 23, 2012. Following the post is Sal Khan’s response.

In a new profile in Time magazine, Sal Khan, founder of the popular Khan Academy, explains how he prepares for each of his video lessons. He doesn’t use a script. In fact, he admits, “I don’t know what I’m going to say half the time.”

During a recent address to Washington D.C.-area educators, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan highlighted the importance of teacher education and professional development, and urged that we as a country provide teachers with more time to collaborate and plan lessons for their students. He then turned and praised Khan as a leading innovator transforming education for millions of students around the country.

The highest ranking official in American education says…

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