May 29, 2012…….. A Day at the Polls

 The last Tuesday of May is a time for voting in a “primary” to help narrow the field for the General Election in November.



My experience at the voting booth came with a touch of humor, or at least funny for me. First, you must decide if you want to vote as a Democrat or a Republican. Since our current state leaders are very anti-education and happen to be Republican, I voted as a Democrat. With that said, there were votes to cast for President, U.S. Representative, State Representative, and County Attorney.

 The humor point comes in the three propositions at the end of the ballot.

 Proposition 1: In-State Status High School Graduates; Voted In Favor

 Proposition 2: Affordable Colleges Fund Tuition and Fees; Voted In Favor

 Proposition 3: Legalize Casinos Funds for Education; Voted In Favor

 This was my humor moment.

The wording on my ballot read: Are you in favor of having a proposition on the November ballot to legalize casinos? Of course, it needs to be on the November ballot. It is time for the people of Texas to have their voices heard on this matter.

 In reading the election results this morning, I found out that the Republicans had five Propositions on which to vote. Naturally, they were completely different than the Propositions by the Democrats.

Must all elections be this ridiculous? Must the two prominent parties of our elected officials be so polar opposite, just for the sake of being opposite?

We are the “United States of America”!


We are NOT the “The Divided States of America” (courtesy of the political parties).




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