Here are a few education cartoons provided by a fellow blogger. Enjoy the laugh.

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

In the 1980s when personal computers initially entered classrooms, critics often portrayed teachers as resistant users of the new technology. Resisters or not, readers over 50 years of age may recall that getting one or two  computers in a classroom put them in the technological vanguard. Perhaps a few readers may recall an almost forgotten experiment in the mid-1980s called Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow (ACOT). In seven schools around the country, Apple gave each teacher and every student a personal computer in school and at home. The experiment lasted nearly a decade and disappeared.

Now, there are 1:1 laptop classrooms and an abundance of devices for both teachers and students. Teachers use their electronic devices (cell phones, desktops at home, laptop or tablet, ebook readers) as much at home as they do in their classrooms. Many teachers teach online courses. Many more teachers have become skilled users of…

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