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Ohio: Achievement Gaps Widen More in Charter Schools Compared to Public Schools

Diane Ravitch's blog

Ohio has done its very best to promote charters and vouchers. But it did a great disservice to charters by putting them in the state base. The data are there for all to see: with only a few exceptions, charter schools perform worse than public schools.

The latest release of data shows not only that graduates of public schools were more likely to graduate from college than graduates of charter schools, it also shows that achievement gaps grow wider in charter schools, in contrast to public schools.

Stephen Dyer of Innovation Ohio writes:

“Charter schools saw far greater performance gaps in reading and math than school districts. And, more troubling, a far greater percentage of gap growth compared with the previous school year.

“So achievement gaps are growing wider and quicker in Ohio charter schools than Ohio school districts…

“For example, more than 21 percent of charter school achievement gaps…

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Florida Squanders $1 Billion on “Schools Without Rules”

I’m going to move to Florida and open a virtual school that accepts vouchers. I can do all the work from home. Students will do their work online. I can pay myself a ridiculous salary and apparently the state will not care.

Diane Ravitch's blog

This is a story about vouchers in Florida, where the state constitution forbids the use of public funds “directly or indirectly” for religious schools. Message to school-children: Ignore the state Constitution. It is meaningless.

The Florida state Constitution forbids the use of public funds in religious schools.

Article 1, Section 3 of the state Constitution says:

“Religious Freedom

“There shall be no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting or penalizing the free exercise thereof. Religious freedom shall not justify practices inconsistent with public morals, peace or safety. No revenue of the state or any political subdivision or agency thereof shall ever be taken from the public treasury directly or indirectly in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution.”

Jeb Bush wanted to amend that language so Florida could provide vouchers for religious schools. So, he got an amendment on the…

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Rethink and Rollback the Expansion of AP and IB

I agree completely.

Here in Texas, we have decided that we should teach Chemistry to 10th graders, not AP just on grade level Chemistry. Most 10th graders are not developmentally ready to handle the abstract math and reasoning that is required to do the calculation.


What if the education reform ideology is wrong? What if the ideology of reform was based on an incorrect understanding of developmentally appropriate pedagogy? In a 2006 hearing before the senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee, Assistant Secretary of Education, Henry Johnson testified, “We believe that the Advanced Placement program offers a proven, scalable approach to raising expectations and increasing rigor in America’s high schools, particularly those with high concentrations of low-income students that typically do not offer such curricula.” What if that belief is ill-founded?

I taught AP physics and what a treat that was for me. I always had the highest performing students in the high school. This year both the salutatorian and the valedictorian were in my class. It was way more interesting than teaching a concepts oriented class in physics designed for the general student. Of course, I enjoyed teaching AP Physics to the school’s…

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The Great Tennessee Achievement School District Experiment Finally Comes To An End

Gary Rubinstein's Blog

Six years ago the Tennessee Achievement School District launched with a five year mission to, in their words, ‘catapult’ schools in the bottom 5% into the top 25%.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.45.43 PM This is their old website, before they changed it when it was evident there were not going to reach their goals.

Tennessee won $500 million in Race To The Top money and dedicated millions of that into the creation, and most importantly, the marketing of it.  The marketing firm they hired is very proud of the work they did and still feature the ASD on their websites as a successful promotional campaign.

The way an ‘Achievement School District’ works is that the district takes over low performing schools and either runs it themselves or, more commonly, gives them to a charter network.  In 2011 the ASD comprised of six schools and now that has grown to over thirty schools.

Two years into…

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Not Two Months Into School Year, NJ Charter Sends “Special Announcement” About Immediately Dumping Students


School started for students at the M.E.T. Charter School in Newark, NJ, on August 29, 2017, which happened to be the day after the school’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

On October 19, 2017, M.E.T.S. sent the parents of its 9th and 10th graders this “special message” that their so-called school-choice “empowerment” was being immediately overridden by the vague determination of M.E.T.S. to immediately send all 9th and 10th graders back to the Newark Public Schools.

Of course, this profound, “special announcement” jolt– delivered by an “interim lead administrator”– is being framed as responsible, caring, and smooth:

Newark 9th & 10th grade special announcement


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Cartoons on Addiction to Technology

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

The following collection of cartoons on technology addiction come from a blog post at Examined Existence. I selected the ones that had not appeared on posts that I had published on the same topic. Enjoy!





















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Jeanne Kaplan on David Osborne’s Campaign for Privatization

Diane Ravitch's blog

If you are old enough, you may remember that David Osborne was the guru of privatization and competition during the Clinton administration. His message was that public servants are lazy and unaccountable and need to compete with private vendors. That competition will make government workers try harder and deliver better service.

That was more than 20 years ago, and apparently Osborne hasn’t learned anything new. Now he is hawking a book that advocates charterization of schools and districts.

Jeanne Kaplan, who served two terms on the Denver school boards, believes that the much-touted success story of Denver is a hoax. She first encountered Osborne’s inaccurate account of the Denver “miracle” last year, and she took it apart then.

A few days ago, she turned out to hear Osborne speak about his new book on the virtues of privatization, and she heard the same tired song. His visit to Denver was…

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Mother Jones: New Mexico Reverses Course, Puts Science Back into the Curriculum

Diane Ravitch's blog

Mother Jones earlier reported that the state of New Mexico had written science standards intended to placate climate change deniers and creationists. The state took modern science out of the science curriculum

Now, Mother Jones reports with satisfaction that the state was embarrassed by the outcry against its cave-in to special interests and has restored science to the science curriculum.

Andy Kroll writes:

The whole saga began last month when, as Mother Jones first reported, the state’s Public Education Department unveiled a set of draft standards for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education spanning grades K-12. New Mexico’s proposal largely followed the Next Generation Science Standards, a highly regarded model for teaching STEM that has been adopted by 18 states and the District of Columbia. But the state also made several baffling changes of its own, as we explained:

[T]he draft released by New Mexico’s education officials changes the…

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Laura Chapman on North Carolina’s “Innovation School District”

Diane Ravitch's blog

Laura Chapman writes:

This is the new “public policy.”

I see that the Oregon backers of Achievement For All Children in North Carolina paid state politicians for the right to substitute charter schools for low performing public schools in a new multi-count “Innovative School District.”

I looked at the website for the Achievement for All Children franchise ( I think the word franchise is correct because there is a one-size-fits all basic curriculum, with non-trivial online deliveryof content—a boon for cost cutting and really attractive to charters. What’s more, much of the curriculum is free or low cost, so reimbursements for managing schools and hiring paraprofessionals may well be where much of the public money goes.

I took some time to look at the curriculum, the partners, and the funders of this operation. North Carolina schools in this concocted “Innovative School District” will have tightly sequenced grade-by-grade lessons from a…

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